What We Do

| What We Do

Human civilization, our culture, our knowledge and our traditions are totally interlinked with our advancement for which our lifestyle is totally different from our ancestors. The changes in the lifestyle influenced our environment, society and ecosystem. The current scenario is that the scientific community is not interactive with common people so that different culture and different tradition we have throughout the world have a hidden knowledge cannot be extracted. Hence, we want to identify the interconnection and trying to build a bridge between the scientific world and the common people to preserve the traditional knowledge. APRF also working on the flora, fauna and the co-existing environment. The outcome of all research is incomplete if we don’t go to the field, if we cannot identify the plant and if we don’t interact with people. So, focusing on the grassroot level to research is the base work of APRF.

This includes-

  • Medicinal plant identification, taxonomy, antimicrobial activity, toxicity, ecology, distribution, IUCN status and cultivation.
  • Plant diversity assessment in the field
  • Wetland flora and fauna studies
  • Carnivorous and parasitic plant studies
  • Orchid biology
  • Sand dune flora
  • Riverine ecosystem
  • Ecological field technique (ecological index)
  • Phytochemistry
  • Antidiabetic activities
  • Cytotoxicity activity
  • Species behavioural studies
  • Food behavior of mega fauna ( Elephant/ Tiger/ Leopard etc.)