Digital Herbarium

The herbarium of Ambika Prasad Research Foundation consist of about 600 plant specimens representing the Flora of Odisha. The specimen has been correctly identified named, poisoned, mounted and arranged according to the Bentham and Hooker’s System of Classification. The herbariums are frequently referred by scientist, students and researchers.

The herbarium specimens have been digitalised the purpose of identification and taking advantage of newer internet and digital photography technologies. The goals of virtual herbarium are to make specimen data available electronically for use in taxonomy, conservation and biodiversity research projects; to get rid of actual specimen examination by visiting different Herbaria; reduce transportation for identification and to reunite data elements developed from specimens with the catalogue record for specimen.

A scanned photograph of each specimen with information on its taxonomic status, habit, habitat, botanical description, phenology, locality of collection, local name, distribution have been provided.

Voucher no

Botanical Name




 Aeschynomene manipurensis  Fabaceae  Manipur


 Zeuxine flava  Orchidaceae  Manipur


 Cymbidium viride  Orchidaceae  Manipur


 Utricularia polygaloides  Lentibulariaceae  Odisha


 Drosera burmanni  Droseraceae  Odisha